Oxycut Accessories and Consumables

Oxycut Accessories and Consumables

Carbone Panama presents its line of Oxycut welding accessories. Accessories like VICTOR® kv-350 heavy duty type, VICTOR® kv-250 medium duty series, HARRIS kh-25 heavy duty type, VICTOR® medium duty oxicorte torches that cuts up to 6 «(150mm). Also, they are compatible with forged bronze of high durability, HARRIS® medium duty welding nozzles, HARRIS® nozzle heating medium duty type, HARRIS® nozzles cutting type medium duty, economic wheelbarrow for 1 cylinder, economic wheelbarrow for 2 cylinders and balloon inflator with gauge and lenses for oxycut. Plus, twin hose for oxycut, leak-proof flashback arrestors, oxycut sparking plug and all sizes nozzle cleaners.

Oxycut Accessories and Consumables


Carbone in Panama presents its new line of machines and all accessories for Oxycut machines. We offer a variety of machines with various regulations to perform any work you need.


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