Plasma Machines

Plasma Welding Machines

Carbone has incorporated into its product line, plasma machines and accessories for any type of work required. Cut almost any type of metal with ease, easy to use with low-cost torches and consumables, has a high duty cycle of 60% ​​at 70 amps and front air gauge allows quick verification. New technology of blow-back arc start and pilot arc that gives you the ability to keep cutting on rough or irregular surfaces’ such as expanded metal and grating on painted or dirty surfaces. With the pilot arc system Carbone maintain an arc when continuity is lost or when a metal arc starts. The system automatically detects loss of continuity and transferred back to the arc torch to complete the circuit so it maximizes consumable life.

Plasma Machines


Carbone introduces its new line of plasma welding machines. With our catalog you can meet the widest range of plasma machines. We offer a variety of machines with various regulations and features to perform any work you need.


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