Multiprocess Machines

Multiprocess Machines

Carbone Panamá presents its line of welding with multiprocessing machines and accessories in Panamá. These machines are ideal for those who need to be equipped all in one TIG, AC / DC, electrode and plasma cutting. They have the required power, throwing on some models up to 250 amps of TIG welding power and 200 Amps of MMA in 220V single phase, with an industrial duty cycle grade of 60% in TIG and 35 % in MMA. Depending on the model, some of them have an IGBT inverter module that reduces the size. For those who need welding thin gauge materials, our units have low amperage for AC or DC stability and up to 5 amps. Everything in our machines has been carefully designed for a long service life and an easy repair as its modular components make them easy to diagnose and change parts in a simple and quick process. Depending on the model, they can weld with or without gas.

Multiprocess Machines


Carbone Panamá introduces its new line of multiprocessing machines for welding. We offer a variety of multiprocessing machines with multiple regulations and features, ready to perform any work you need. You can find them all in our new catalog.


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