Stainless Steel Restorer Inox Clean

Stainless Steel Restorer Inox Clean

Inox Clean Super Powers


Inox Clean super powers, the stainless steel restorer.

It is a special stainless steel cleaner that allows easy removal of accumulated oxide. Inox Clean is a green gel, easy to use and suitable for intensive and passive cleaning of surfaces contaminated by rust. After the cleaning, stainless steel again resumes its antioxidant properties as the chromium oxide layer is again formed to protect the surface.

You can replace sandblasting, scratching and scraping and other methods commonly used to remove rust. All these methods involve major environmental disadvantages. By using it, all harmful effects on the environment are reduced. It is applied in the abraded surface and it clears at a maximum of 24 hours.

Remove rust with Inox Clean requires very little effort and has the advantage that even the most hard to reach surfaces become easy to clean. When applying Inox Clean, it expands manually on the surface with a brush. After a short period of time, around 12-24 hours, the gel is rinsed and rust and other contaminants are left with the gel after cleaning with water.

What makes it unique?
It is biodegradable and therefore much more sustainable for the environment than other pickling agents and despite being biodegradable, the product performance is very effective.


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Stainless Steel Restorer Inox Clean