Welding Wire Rolls MIG MAG

Welding Wire Rolls MIG MAG

Welding Wire Rolls for MIG


Carbone introduces to its products line MIG/MAG Welding wire rolls. Solid wire rolls for MIG/MAG welding in carbide steel (ER 70S-6). It is a wire specifically designed to join all the commercial types of non-alloy structural steel like: construction steel for boilers, pipes, plaques, profiles, naval construction steel and molten steel. In addition, fine grain steel with carbide content up to 0.6%

Rutilic tubular wire rolls with flux for MIG/MAG on carbide Steel (E 71T-1C),Böhler E71T-1C. Can be welded in all positions, it has a stable arc which is resistant to aging and it is not affected by the impurities of steel. The resulting deposits have radiographic quality and it can be applied satisfactorily with the multi-pass technique. The coils must be stored in a dry place to avoid the surface rusting. Storing them in their original packages is strongly recommended so as to avoid humidity on the wire. To weld with DC / + Electrode (DC/EP) ( = + ) Protection Gass CO2 100%, Ar/CO2 Mix 75/25%.

Auto protected tubular wire rolls (No Gas) for MIG/MAG on carbide Steel (E 71T-GS), tubular auto-protected string for fine carbide steel plaques welding. Adequate for zinc plaques. Free of Barium Salts. To be utilized with DC Current.

Solid wire rolls for MIG welding on stainless steel (ER 308L), MIG ER 308L is made of authentic stainless steel, it can be used to weld the following types of steel: AISI 201(17-4 Mn), 202(18-5 Mn), 205, 301(17-7), 302(18-8), 304(19-9), 305(18-10), 308(20-10). Use with Continous Current. It is recommended to use with protection gass 98%Ar-2%02 or Trimix gas 90 He+7.5%Ar+2.5%Co2.


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