Industrial Gases

Industrial Gases


Carbone has incorporated into its product range industrial gas that are usually used in metal welding processes, cutting materials and other applications. We offer the alternative to get gas when in Panama.

We offer a variety of gas and sizes of bottles for stationary work in workshops with large tanks and field work that require portable cylinders.

Argon/Argon 99.999%: Inert gas used in nonferrous metal base (magnesium alloys, copper, nickel and aluminum) and reactive metals (zirconium and titanium). Argon gives a stable arc welding, penetration and excellent bead profile in these base metals. The low ionization potential of argon helps create an excellent current path.

CO2: Reactive gas which produces an oxidizing effect, the CO2 is often used in pure form for welding carbon steel, because it is easily obtained and good welds produced at low cost. However, since not support processes spray transfer, its use is limited to short circuit modes and globular.

Argon mixture (75%) / CO2 (25%) are used mainly in carbon steel and low alloy, and have limited application in stainless steels. The mixture of 25 percent CO2 and argon is commonly used for GMAW short circuit transfer low carbon steel. This mixture works well in high-current applications in heavy metal. It promotes good arc stability, good welding control and good welding bead appearance, but does not support metal transfer mode dew.


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