Electrodes and Filler Materials

Electrodes and Filler Materials

Electrodes and Filler Materials

Carbone Panamá introduces to its line of products TIG Welding Machines, MIG Welding Machines, Electrodes and filler materials. Cellulosic electrodes BÖHLER FOX CEL, High penetration cellulose electrode BÖHLER FOX CEL MX, general purpose electrodes, carbonated steel soldering electrodes, ruthilic electrode with iron dust for high speed of deposit, thick coating ruthilic electrode with 165% performance, low-hydrogen carbonated steel, basic electrode for carbonated steel structural welding, stainless steel electrodes, austenitic ferritic special electrode, ferrum-nickel for iron soldering.

TIG Welding filler material, TIG filler rod material  for aluminium, TIG filler material of stainless steel, TIG filler material rod for carbonated steel / sweet steel / low alloy steel, TIG filler material rod for stainless steel.

MIG/MAG Welding wire rolls, solid wire rolls for MIG/MAG welding on carbonated steel, ruthilic tubular wire rolls with flux for MIG/MAG on carbonated steel, solid wire rolls for MIG welding on Aluminium solid wire roll for MIG welding on marine grade aluminium solid wire roll for MIG welding on stainless steel.

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