Consumables and Accessories for Aluminum and PVC Machines Yilmaz in Panama

Consumables and Accessories

Consumables and Accessories for Aluminum and PVC Machines

Empresas Carbone Panamá presenta su línea de accesorios para máquinas para aluminio y PVC de calidad Europea en Panamá. Los que incluyen mesa de apoyo con rodillos MKN 300, discos para retestadora, fresa para router y discos de 300 a 420 mm hechos en Italia por Freud para las diferentes máquinas.

Consumables and Accessories


Empresas Carbone Panamá introduces its new line of machines for aluminum and PVC of European quality, where you can find the largest variety of machinery, saws, routers, retensioners among others to work aluminum. We offer machines with various regulations and features ready to do any job.

Technical Specs:


• Made in Italy
• From 300 to 420 mm.
• For M.YIL-12/ M.YIL-14/M.YIL-04/ M.YIL-05/M.YIL-01/.

Support Table With Rollers Mkn 300

• Manual Table.
• 3000 mm long of standard transport.
• Useful Width: 200 mm.
• Loading capacity of 4 kg / m.
•  Min. cutting length: 5 mm.

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